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Organization of the Course

The guts of this site is a series of units taken sequentially, covering the major books of the Bible.  This is not a  quick click-through site.  There are no entertaining videos, although there are some graphics.   You should embark on this course as if you were signing on for an online college course.  Because of the extensive Biblical content, the entire course comprises many web-pages.

The standard course is for the person who wants an overview, without having to look at every Scripture citation.  But there are frequent buttons labelled "In Depth,"  which provide additional details or  Bible references. These are optional.  If you are reading a section that you would like to know more about, you can click the "In Depth" link to open up a new window with the additional material.  Skipping these links will speed your progress.

The essence of the Bible is "progressive revelation."  In other words, you don't get the whole picture at one sitting, just like you don't learn all of organic chemistry in your first class period.  The recommended way of taking this course is to start at the beginning, and follow the Bible's own narrative.  You cannot finish this course at one sitting.


However, the course is driven off the Contents page, which contains the books of the Bible.  You don't have to follow the Contents in order.  You can select any book you want, and just study that unit.



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