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Is This Course for You?

This course has been developed for the following three audiences:

        1.  The Christian layman or woman who wants to go beyond the cliches and stereotypes of current racial attitudes.  Do you know what God's racial plan is, based on Scripture?   Does it make any difference in your racial beliefs that you are a Christian, or do you have the same opinions as everyone who shares your ethnic background?  In this site, we will let the Bible speak for itself as we show the historical development of the Bible's racial teachings.  This course will expand not only your Bible knowledge, it will challenge your racial attitudes and actions.

        2.  A person who is of another religious background, or none at all, and who is curious about Christian beliefs on racial issues.  Based on current church practices and preaching, you have a right to be confused, because much of this teaching is contrary to the Bible.  Here we will go right to the source documents, and show  what the Bible really teaches on this subject.  This is an educational site, not a conversion site.  This material does not insult other religions or people of no religion.

        3.  People in non-English speaking countries who wish to learn English by studying the Christian Bible.  We quote a good deal of Scripture...AND we have used a modern Bible translation (New International Version), to avoid the barriers in understanding that the older King James version erects.

         You do not need any prior knowledge of the Bible to take this course.  You do not even need to own an English Bible -- we include all the Scripture references in the text.

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