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The Bible and Race

But do we really need a Bible study that is focused solely on race?  Isn't the Bible's racial teaching obvious?   We "know" that it promotes love, peace, equality, justice, tolerance, brotherhood.  Doesn't it?


Consider the following racial beliefs that have been traced to various Bible verses:

        1.   African people are the descendants of Ham, and were cursed by Noah to become slaves.
        2.  Caucasian people are the descendants of Gehazi, who was cursed with leprosy by Elijah.
        3.  The Jews are the chosen people of God.
        4.  Men and women of every race and culture are all alike brothers and sisters, children of God.

These are just four examples out of many racial beliefs that have been derived from the Bible.  Some of these teachings have been believed by millions of Christians over hundreds of years -- yet they contradict each other!  They cannot all be true.  In fact, some of them misrepresent not only the message of the Scriptures, but also the purpose of God in the world.

In this website, we expose and overturn the racial lies that have been spread in God's Name, and continue to be perpetrated to this very day.  Starting in Genesis and proceeding through Revelation, we present a complete account of the race teachings of the Bible in the context of its own times.  We let the Bible speak for itself, instead of imposing on it an interpretation that favors our own race.

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