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5.10 1 Corinthians -- Summary of Racial Teachings of 1 Corinthians

           a.  Every culture has its own blindspots to the Gospel, its own points of resistance.
           b. The Spirit of God works to free men from their cultural baggage.
           c. Paul upholds existing marriages, gives greater freedom and protection to women, and does not forbid intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles.
           d. Paul was willing to submit himself to people of different cultures in order to bring the Gospel to them.  His identity in Christ took precedence over his upbringing and natural ties.
           e. The Gospel replaced the enmity between races with a division between the community of believers and the unbelieving world.  
            f.  Christian morality is not based on conformity to commands, but on two principles: 1. whether the act glorifies God, and 2. whether it promotes the good of many.
           g. There is no healing of racism at the purely human level.  It takes the intervention of God.  By putting His Spirit within believers, He makes them not only "of one" in their sinful origins, but more deeply united in their new nature.
           h. The Love of Christ is the foundation of the Christian experience, both personal and corporate.  All spiritual gifts, doctrines and ministries are secondary and impotent, unless exercised in love for the other person and the community.
           i. It is not enough to be against racism.  That does not make one a reconciler.  Rather it is the personal experience of mercy and the resultant showing of mercy to others.

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