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6.37 Isaiah -- His Life and Times

Isaiah lived a long time, throughout the later 8th Century and into the early 7th C BC, c. 750-681.  He was a contemporary of Amos, Hosea, Micah, and possibly Joel.  During his long life, he saw peace and prosperity ended by the rise of Assyria, he watched them wipe out Israel and threaten Judah, and experienced the Lord's miraculous intervention. He also foresaw Assyria’s decline and the coming of the Babylonian and Persian empires.

Isaiah lived through the reigns of at least four kings of Judah, maybe five:

            Uzziah/Azariah (792-740 B.C.)
            Jotham (750-735)
            Ahaz (732-715)
            Hezekiah (715-686)
            Manasseh (697-642)


According to Jewish tradition (The Ascension of Isaiah; cf. Heb 11:37), Isaiah was martyred, sawn in half, under Manasseh, the worst of Judah’s kings.



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