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6.28 Micah -- Prophet to the Nations

Micah lived at the same time as Hosea and Isaiah, in the later half of the 8th Century, while Israel was collapsing and being overrun by the Assyrians.  Like these other prophets, he was from Judah.


Micah is a short book, but compresses many important themes in these chapters: the sins of Israel, contemporary destruction and judgment, a remnant of Jacob, a king from Bethlehem, restoration of Israel, and a worldwide salvation.   Isaiah also addressed these topics, at greater length, as we will see.  The Spirit of God was speaking consistently through His prophets.


Micah is a harbinger of a change in the content of God's messages to His people.  In addition to the familiar elements of judgment for sin and calls for repentance, two themes are added:

         a. an end-time day of redemption, when a restored Israel will live in peace under the rule of a righteous king.

         b. the other nations will finally be brought into the plan of God, and Israel will be vindicated in their eyes.


These elements will lay the groundwork for the proclamation of the New Covenant in the message of Jesus Christ 750 years later.

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