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5.96 2 Kings -- Racial Teachings of 2 Kings

          a.  Even the people of God can be dispossessed of their inheritance if they despise Him.
          b.  He warns His children and is present among them even in their rebellion -- until He cuts them off.
          c.  God uses foreigners to accomplish His purposes, even without their willing obedience.
          d.  God's purposes in history may occur beneath the level of popular awareness: ie. what men consider historically significant (the rise and fall of Empires) may not be God's primary interest at all.
          e.  A heart attitude of faith and obedience can be found in untutored pagans, such as the Canaanite woman and the Aramean general: but only in response to a revelation of God's nature.
          f.  On the other hand, a heart of rebellion, wickedness and disobedience may persist in an Israelite, despite the witnesses of sacred tradition, miraculous signs and prophetic oracles.
         g. God is merciful and long-suffering, since the final dissolution of Judah occurred 350 years after Solomon's reign, but no one should presume upon His mercy or spurn the warnings He sends.
         h. the political kingdom of God among men ended with the fall of Jerusalem.  But this concept was reinterpreted in the New Testament.

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