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4.4 Joshua -- Purification

Before the Israelites could act as agents of God's purification, they themselves had to be a sanctified people.  Therefore, the first act after crossing Jordan was to circumcise all the males born during the desert years (Josh 5:3-5).  As crossing the Jordan recapitulated the crossing of the Red Sea, so this observance recalled the emergency circumcision performed by Zipporah on her son as Moses was returning to Egypt (Ex 4:24-26).  This is an interesting phenomenon:  God may call a man to do a task which he is not fit to perform. Before he can undertake God's assignment, he must purify himself.  See also the call of Gideon, in Judges, next section.


Israel then celebrated the Passover.  And the miraculous provision of manna ceased.  From now on, they had to live off the produce of Canaan.

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