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5.90 2 Kings -- Hezekiah and Babylon

Assyria was not to be Judah’s nemesis, but Babylon was. Their first appearance on the scene is a friendly get-well visit to Hezekiah. Hezekiah thought they were sufficiently distant and harmless that he tried to play Solomon to them, and impress them with his treasures and his weapons (2 Kings 20:13).  Although, after paying off Sennacherib, his stock of gold must have been much depleted.  Isaiah came to Hezekiah afterwards and told him that one day all his treasures would be carried off to Babylon, along with his offspring. (2 Kings 20:17-18).  Hezekiah was content that this would take place in the future: he had had enough of empires throwing their weight around. As for him, he would enjoy a peaceful retirement.


In Isaiah’s prophecy, we see that God’s plan has expanded over time and distance. The future movements of a far-off empire are foreseen and incorporated in it, yet without giving up the place of priority occupied by the remnant of Israel.

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