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4.35 Judges -- Summary of Judges Racial Teachings

          a. Any lingering idea that Israel was morally superior to other nations was disproved by their conduct
          b. Without God's presence and active engagement, His chosen people fall into rebellion, chaos and enslavement.
          c. The Spirit of God can use people who are outside the covenant to further His purposes (Jael, Shamgar, possibly Japhthah).
          d. When God's people become complacent or passive, God's Spirit stirs a man or woman to set standards, take up arms and go to war.    
          e. These Spirit-appointed and -anointed leaders may have significant "issues" and failings (Gideon, Jephthah, Samson).
          f.  Cohabitation of God's people with idolatrous foreigners tended inevitably to corrupt and degrade the Israelites.

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