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2.38 Summary of Patriarchs Racial Teaching

         a. God's ultimate purpose is to bless all peoples of the earth.

         b. God chooses one man out of myriads to make His agent on earth.

         c. God makes a permanent agreement with Abraham and his descendants: land, numberless offspring, kings, God's Presence.

         d. The sign of the covenant is circumcision. However, not all circumcised offspring are included in the covenant.

         e. Inclusion in the covenant is no sign of racial or moral supremacy.

         f. Except for the mysterious Melchizedek, the only way for non-Hebrews to participate in God's people at this point is either through marrying a son of Jacob, or by being a slave to an Israelite.

        g. Egypt has a significant stake in Israel, contributing two tribes through Asenath, one of whom assumed the blessing of the birthright.       

        h. Despite unhappy family backgrounds, both Jacob and Joseph overcame their own grievances and made peace with their enemies.

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