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7.25 Ephesians -- Summary of Ephesians Racial Teaching

           a.  God's plan for history is a mystery revealed in Jesus Christ, and accepted only by believers.
           b.  His plan is to unite in Christ all things in heaven and earth.
           c.  As a part of this universal reconciliation, people who believe in Christ are delivered from their sins, sealed with the Holy Spirit for salvation, and given spiritual gifts.
           d.  The hostility and division between Jew and Gentile have been done away with.  In their place is a new creation, a new man, composed of those who died with Christ on the cross and were raised with him to a new life.
           e.  All Christians have access to the one Father by the one Spirit.  There is one body whose head is Christ, and one Temple whose cornerstone is Christ.
           f.  Believing Gentiles are no longer aliens, but fellow citizens of the Kingdom of God.
           g.  The fundamental Christian ethic is to be "imitators of God" and "live a life of love."
           h.  1 Cor 13 should be read in connection with Eph 3:14-19.
           i.  The Christian home is to be governed by mutual submission, justice and peace.


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