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7.71 Malachi -- Summary of Malachi Racial Teachings

          a. The Lord's love for Israel appears in His more severe treatment of Gentiles, such as the Edomites.
          b. Moreover, one day nations everywhere will offer pure worship to the Lord, and honor His name -- apparently while retaining their distinct identities and separateness from Israel.
          c. In the meantime, Jews should not intermarry with pagan Gentiles.  But, echoing the Law and earlier prophets, Malachi defends the rights of Gentile aliens who live within Israel’s borders.
          d. The Lord’s judgment is not described as a gathering and slaughter of nations, but as punishment of evildoers.  The Gentiles are not mentioned explicitly.
          e.  The Book, and the Old Testament, end with a reaffirmation of the Mosaic Law, and a looking ahead to the coming of Elijah and "the great and terrible day of the Lord."

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