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7.68 Zechariah -- Summary of Zechariah Racial Teachings

          a.  One strand of this prophet’s message is that the Lord is remembering His covenant people.  He will turn His anger away from them and pour it out on the Gentiles. This anger is retribution because they were the powers that scattered Israel and Judah. 
          b.  Babylonia will even become a dumping ground for the sins of Jerusalem.
          c.  Yet "the Lord of all the earth" also says that many nations will become His people, and Gentiles, driven by spiritual hunger, will seek the Lord and consult Jews as their spiritual guides.
          d.  The holy land will be purified.  The sin of Israel, vividly pictured in the high priest dressed in filthy clothes, will be removed in a single day by the Messiah. 
          e.  He is described as a warrior, and as one who proclaims universal peace; as the long-awaited one, and as suffering rejection from his own people.  Through him a fountain of cleansing is opened, preparing the way for the holiness of God to sanctify everyone and everything. 

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