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7.64 Zechariah -- the Crowning of Joshua

The next word from God to Zechariah is given in Zech 6:9-15


Zechariah was told, in effect, to greet three men just arrived from Babylon.  They are a kind of first fruits, heeding the invitation to return from the land of the north (Zech 2:6-7). These three returnees brought silver and gold, and Zechariah is to fashion a crown that he will set on Joshua’s head.   This word is a postscript to the fourth vision, in which Joshua's garments were cleansed (Zech 3). Joshua will build the Temple of the Lord, and he will rule.  Here again are Priest and King united in one Messianic figure -- it hardly matters whether we call him Joshua, Zerubbabel, Branch, or Stone.

            "Those who are far away will come and help to build the temple of the Lord" (Zech 6:15).

             This obviously includes Jewish exiles who return from foreign lands (Isa 60:4-7), but may also include those who are distant spiritually, the Gentiles.

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