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7.60 Haggai -- Summary of Haggai Racial Teachings

          a.  Although Gentile opposition may have provided the occasion for the remnant in Jerusalem to suspend work on the Temple, the fault lay with the Jews.  Their delay exposed their hearts, which harbored unbelief and did not place the Lord first.  But when they responded in faith and obedience, the Lord drew near.
          b.  Despite the significant actions taken in his own time by Cyrus and Darius, Haggai did not pay much attention to Gentiles; his  focus was on the Jewish remnant.
          c. The Lord will shake all nations, overthrowing some thrones. He will use this period of turmoil to establish Israel.  Following this, the treasures of all nations will be brought to the Temple.
          d. Haggai (unlike Zechariah) does not speak of Gentiles seeking the Lord, worshiping Him, and becoming His people.
          e.  All people, Jews no less than Gentiles, are unclean, and even their sacrifices are defiled.  Only direct contact with the holy God can sanctify them. 

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