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2.19 John -- Summary of the Racial Teachings of John

           a. John's Gospel is itself written for a non-Jewish reader.  John has translated the meaning of Jesus' life into concepts familiar to Gentiles.
           b. the "true light" has come to "all who receive him," and to "everyone who believes."
           c. Jesus is presented as the fulfillment of the hopes and the remedy for the needs of Jew and Gentile alike.
           d. Jesus is the Lamb (Jewish image) who takes away the sins (of the world) -- bringing together two different traditions.
           e.  John overturns a 1500 year foundational attitude towards outsiders with the revolutionary concept that "God loves the world."
           f. Jesus himself is the criterion of justification with God: believe and receive eternal life.  Reject Jesus and receive condemnation.
          g. Jesus is the bread of life, and the water of life, for all who come to him, and he turns no one away.
          h. Being a descendant of Abraham is of no advantage.  His true children are those who act like he did.
          i. The true wall of separation is not between Jew/Gentile, but between light/dark, believing/rejecting, the Spirit/the world.
          j. Jesus said he has "other sheep" in other folds, but he intended to create one flock.
          k. Through his death on the cross, he judged Satan, completed the Old Testament, and atoned for the sins of all who believed in him.
          l. Through his Resurrection, he became the head of a new race.  His followers were born anew by the Spirit into this community: the Kingdom of God.
          m.  The "ethic" of the Kingdom is love of the brothers expressed in mutual service and unity of heart.

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