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7.43 Esther -- Summary of Esther Racial Teachings

          a.  Small offenses (Mordecai refusing to bow to Haman) can spark major racial conflicts.
          b.  A root of racial conflict is personal pride.
          c.  Political authority is susceptible to manipulation by parties with racial agendas -- and the involvement of a foolish leader increases the violence rather than resolves it.
          d.  It is always easier to represent one side or another in racial disagreements, but much harder to uphold a transcendent (divine) perspective on the conflict.
          e.  The fact that there were 75,000 people killed due to Mordecai's "solution" shows us that the Book of Esther is a failure as a model of race relations.
           f.  Likewise, the fact that there were mass conversions to Judaism out of fear of the Jews.
          g.  Acting on behalf of God's people is not necessarily the same as acting for God Himself.

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