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4.17 Romans -- Summary of the Racial Teachings of Romans

             a.  All men have a basic knowledge of God as Creator.
             b. Gentiles have a moral compass in their conscience, so that they are responsible for their actions.
             c. All men have committed sins, and are liable to God's judgment.
             d. Jews are judged under the Law, Gentiles are judged outside it.  God shows no favoritism.
             e. Righteousness does not come through Law, but through faith in Jesus Christ -- for Jew and Gentile.
             f.  As men were "of one" in their sin, so they are even more "of one" in salvation: united by the same Spirit who lives in all believers.
            g. The righteousness of faith nullifies the "boasting" and pride in racial differences.
            h. The Old and New Covenants cannot co-exist.  They are conflicting principalities.
             i.  The Old Covenant was focused on excluding the unworthy, the New Covenant makes clear that All are unworthy but may be included by faith.
             j.  The New Covenant is a package deal: righteousness through faith, being born from above, freedom from Law and sin, no partiality, and the gift of the Spirit.
             k. Prior to entering the Kingdom of God, one severs or nullifies natural ties of family, race, blood, nationality, language.
             l. The confidence of the believer in his own salvation does not rely upon his obedience to God's Law, but on the knowledge of Christ's love for him.
            m. The Holy Spirit replaces the Law as the guide to daily life and conduct, and human willpower as the force of obedience.
             n. There are not two parallel roads of salvation -- one for Jews, one for Gentiles.
             o. Gentiles have been "grafted in" to the tree of faith -- and God will again visit Israel in mercy.
             p. Paul upholds the promise in Genesis that Abraham is the source of blessing for all nations.

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