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3.68 Deuteronomy -- Summary of Deuteronomy Racial Teachings

          a.  Deuteronomy focuses less on specific laws and rituals, and more on the special heritage of Israel.
          b.  Israel's treasure is its unique relation God -- both possessing Him and being His special possession.
          c.  Much of the book is spent trying to convey to the Israelites an appreciation of this privilege, and trying to convince them to live worthy of their calling.
          d.  Obedience to the law is proof of commitment to the covenant.
          e.  Yet God wants more than behavioral subjection.  He wants to be loved with all one's heart and soul.
           f.   Moses, or God, looks forward to a time of rebellion and apostasy, warns of severe judgment, and gives hope for eventual restoration.
           g.  So long as she remains obedient, Israel is to be first among all nations in prosperity.
           h.  When Israel rebels, she will be put in subjection to foreign nations.
           i.  Rules of warfare are clarified -- Canaanite nations are to be exterminated, related peoples must be left alone, other hostile nations may be enslaved.
           j.  Aliens (not slaves or prisoners of war) are not only tolerated, but legally protected and cared for.
           k. There is evidence of a tension between outward obedience and inward conviction, and between man's willingness to obey and God's enablement.

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