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7.33 Daniel -- Summary of Daniel Racial Teachings

         a. The Lord is sovereign, ruling all the earth even now.  He is God of heaven and of all nations, as well as God of Israel.
         b. The Lord wishes to be known among the Gentiles.  This appears to be His purpose in presenting parts of the book in Aramaic, and in revealing future events to Nebuchadnezzar.
         c. It is the responsibility and the privilege of Jews, as the Lord’s people, to make God known to Gentiles. Daniel and his three friends perform this role repeatedly in the first half of the book, at the risk of their lives.
         d. There is a spiritual warfare behind earthly conflicts.  The true enemies of God are not other nations or even evil kings, but spiritual beings which act through unbelievers.
         e. The coming ruler of God’s kingdom is "one like a son of man," representing all mankind rather than just Israel.  All nations will worship Him.  It may be that "the wise" and "the people who know their God" in the tribulation before the end also include Gentiles.  
         f.  At the time when God’s kingdom is established, people will be raised from death and rewarded or punished.  This is an individual judgment, about wisdom and righteousness rather than racial or national allegiances.

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