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4.15 Joshua -- Summary of Joshua Racial Teachings

          a.  God commanded Israel to commit acts of "racial genocide" or "ethnic cleansing".
          b.  These acts were a part of God's plan to redeem the land from Canaanite perversion and pollution.
          c.   The destruction was limited to the time of the invasion and the boundaries alloted to Israel.    
          d.   In place of the Canaanites, Israel was to create a new society based on righteous acts and holy living.
          e.   Israelites who were seduced by the lifestyle or religion of their neighbors suffered like treatment as the Canaanites.
          f.   Some few Canaanites were spared, either through assisting Israel (Rahab) or by cunning submission (Gibeonites).      
          g.  Non-Canaanite foreigners were among the invading people, though they received no inheritance in Israel.  They did, however, receive protection in the cities of refuge.
          h.  The Lord's army did not serve Israel's objectives.  Rather, Israel was admonished to serve the Lord's purposes  -- or meet the fate of the Canaanites.

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