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3.33 Numbers -- Alliance with Midian

Midian was for a short while an exception to God's rejection of the surrounding nations.  Moses' own children were half-Midianite, and his father Jethro (or Reuel) helped Moses select elders to rule the people (Ex 18).  In Num 10:29-32, Moses invited Hobab, his brother-in-law, to join Israel and share in the "good things" God has promised Israel.  Hobab was reluctant.  Moses wanted to use Hobab's people as scouts in the desert -- which is odd, considering the Lord Himself guided Israel by means of the cloud and the pillar of fire.


Hobab didn't reply, but apparently joined the Israelites (see Judg 1:16).  His descendants were the Kenites (Judg 4:11).  They were blessed by Balaam (Num 24:21), and spared by Saul (1 Sam 15:6).  Their most famous family member was Jael, the killer of Sisera (Judg 4).  


Midian's destiny was soon to move from a place of favor with God to one of rejection and abhorrence by Him.  This was due to their conspiring with Moab to hire Balaam to curse Israel (see unit 3:44-48), and also for using Midianite women to seduce Israelites into idolatry (Num 25).   

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