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6.65 Jeremiah --Successor to Isaiah

Jeremiah is the second of the two pillars of Bible prophecy.  Jeremiah succeeded Isaiah as God's prophet in Judah.  He actually did not start prophesying until about 50 years after Isaiah's last words.  Isaiah ceased speaking around 680 BC, Jeremiah began around 625.  Yet their location was the same, and their message very similar: the judgment of God on Judah and the nations.  Whereas Isaiah witnessed the deliverance of Jerusalem from the Assyrians, Jeremiah lived through the destruction of the city by the Babylonians.  Not only did he speak the word of God to the people in their time of crisis, but he also represented the presence of God among them.  So long as he was with them, God had not fully abandoned His people.
But while the subjects of Isaiah's oracles ranged widely and included descriptions of an ideal future, of restoration and a Servant King, Jeremiah remained largely focused on the disaster at hand.  Isaiah could announce the future proclaimation of salvation to the Gentiles, but Jeremiah, with a few exceptions, proclaimed primarily the present judgment of Judah at the hands of foreigners.  There is very little racial teaching in this long book.  

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