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6.64 Zephaniah -- Summary of Zephaniah's Racial Teachings

          a.  It is possible that this prophet was of royal blood, and/or of mixed African heritage.
          b.  Zephaniah announced universal, sweeping judgment.  It will touch all nations, and their gods; it will reach to wherever idolatry, pride, and other sins can be found.  
          c.  The judgment begins and ends in Judah and Jerusalem.  Judgments will fall on other nations as warnings to Judah.  Many of her near neighbors and traditional enemies will suffer such devastation that their cities will be left wholly desolate.
          d.  Judah will undergo exile and restoration, humbling and purification.  A remnant will return and enter into time of rejoicing and vindication.
          e. Some Gentiles will worship the Lord in their own countries.  He will "purify the lips of the peoples."

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