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The Prophets -- The Downfall of Jerusalem

This is the second grouping of the prophetic writings, and consists of those prophets who were active in the mid- to late-7th century till the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC.  In chronological order, these prophets are:


          640-625 BC --  Zephaniah
          625-585 BC --  Jeremiah

          Nahum and Habakkuk also lived during this time period, but because they have little teaching on race, we shall not cover them.


The situation of these prophets was far different from those of the prior century.  At that time, though the death knell had rung for Israel, there was yet hope for Judah and Jerusalem.  But by the middle of the 7th century, there was no denying the desperate condition of Judah.  Threatened by powerful enemies to the north and south, its days were numbered -- UNLESS God did another miracle.  But the prophets declared that inescapable judgment was on its way, and that good days for God's people would come again only after a time of great suffering.

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