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Transcending Race with Scripture


This site is dedicated to harmony among nations, races and ethnicity, and more than that, to transcending racial identities.

This is not an activist site, it is not political in any way. It does not seek to influence public policy.

This is an educational site, whose main objective is the exposition of the Biblical doctrine of race.

The Christian Bible, composed of both Old and New Testaments, has a tremendous amount to say about race relations -- yet most of its teachings have been ignored or, worse, distorted by some Christian preachers and social activists. People with an agenda, conservative or liberal, have been quick to find Scriptures that support their beliefs, without letting the Bible speak for itself.

That is our purpose here -- to call a halt to proof-texting and slanted interpretations, and to discover the Bible's own message about race. Only after we understand the Bible on its own terms can we dare to try to apply its teachings to our own times.

We invite you, whatever national, religious or ethnic background you come from, to join us in this serious and

systematic study of the Biblical doctrine of race.


1.  To accurately exegete the racial teachings of the entire Bible in plain (non-academic) English.

2.  To make this study accessible on the internet internationally without charge.

3.  To promote race relations on a Biblical basis, rather than according to current sociological/political theories.



This course has been developed from an American Christian perspective. However, the authors have lived outside of the US for several years in Asia.  Both authors have had theological education, but are not ordained, and have worked for years in the business world. We write from a conservative hermeneutic, our purpose being the articulation of the Biblical message of race, and not critical evaluation of source documents. We do not represent 'crank' views, or have a special sectarian agenda to push. Our foundation is traditional trinitarian Protestantism. We have found that the Bible's teaching on racial matters is radical enough without needing to be exaggerated or slanted.
          This site is not sponsored by any church, religious organization or government agency. It is registered in the state of Missouri, USA under the name of Racial Peace.

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